Hey friends! So I wanted to give you a little insider on what Feed Your Brain is all about!

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Section 1: Introduction 

There’s much inspiration that has fueled this course. I talk about my experiences, and how this information has helped me and also the lives of others. I touch on how I explored my options when it came to the deadline of my health, I then decided to take on this journey of self-healing autoimmune and other complications. I also talk about how my journey intervened with children on the Autism spectrum and my ever growing desire to help them.

Section 2: The Internal Systems

We are talking about what is going on in the body and the brain that could be causing behavioral, digestive, hormonal, immune system, and so many more issues. That they are all interconnected and part of the whole puzzle. I explain why taking a top to bottom approach, simple stimulation to encourage brain development,  is just as important as the bottom to top approach, feeding ourselves good food to help the brain. The brain is the head honcho of the body, and has a lot more affect on every system of the body, than we think!

Section 3: Remove

There are so many contributing factors that may be impeding the healing you are trying to achieve! I teach 5 of the top inflammatory foods that we are eating daily, that are so detrimental to our health. And of course, why they are not supportive to healing.

Section 4: Replace 
As we take out what is inflammatory to our systems, we double the healing and benefits when we replace them healthy and supportive foods! I give you what foods and alternatives to easily implement into the daily diet. As well as supplementation to further amplify healing.



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​​​​​​​This course was originally created to focus on stimulating and supporting the brain and body of children with neurological development complications. Some parts of the course directly connect with children with learning disabilities, though the entire course as a whole is applicable to everyone! I’ve never been diagnosed with any learning disabilities, but I have tremendously benefitted from the principals and guides I teach in this course along with the research that supports them as well.


“I began applying these adjustments in my life and experienced drastic results! Then, I shared them with my friends & family…and the effect has been exponential!”

Get the Feed Your Brain course for FREE! Use the code FYBFREE at checkout.

This self-led course is for you if:

  • You’re open learning about the root of many diseases and what to do about it
  • You have a child with a development disorder and are searching for answers
  • You want to know the truth about certain “healthy” foods and how they could be wrecking havok on you or your family’s health

The Inspiration Behind This Course 

Did you know in 2016, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that
every 1 out of 68 children is diagnosed on the autism spectrum? 
That’s not even including those who have not been diagnosed and reported!

As I began interacting with children with developemental disabilities, my passion to help them began to grow momentum. I completely submerged myself in research, then began working as a director for a program that has a new way of looking at these disabilities.

During the meetings with parents of these children… I heard it all.
“Meal times are a battle”
“They are bothered by textures, sounds, smells, and clothing”
“I cannot get them to sit still, they are so fidgety and hyper”
“They have multiple food sensitivities and digestion issues”
“They are space invaders”
“They cannot pick up on social cues”
“They are behind in school”
“They chew on everything!”
“They are constantly having meltdowns”
“They lack coordination and have no interest in playing sports”
“They are gifted in certain areas, but act like they’re 2!”

Would you say you could relate?

When I would hear some of these things, I remember thinking, “My parents had similar concerns about me as a child!” I quickly came to realize, this is a bigger issue than just in kids with autism, these issues are everywhere.


I started to implement the exercises and activities that the program and research had proved to improve these symptoms.  My mental, emotional and physical weaknesses started to change, in even a short period of time.


What one main point I took away from this experience, it that our bodies are ONE. Our hormones, digestion, sensory processing, nervous system, all of it is interconnected and greatly affect each other. As I fed my body different foods, not only was my digestion greatly improved but mental clarity and energy levels increased. Doing consistant sensory stimulation activities, not only am I able to handle certain textures and tastes I couldn’t before, but I also am able to keep my attention and focus better.


If I was able to see these great changes in myself, I know these are helping these children, where ever they may be with their disability.


If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.
— Hippocrates

Get the Feed Your Brain course for FREE! Use the code FYBFREE at checkout.