Heyo! My name is Taylor Anderson and I’m excited to have you here with me!
I’m a 24 year old who rambles on and on about healing foods, the latest health tips, tacos, mentoring tools for bettering myself, starting businesses, tacos, helping young women with their struggles, of course – how amazing God is..and tacos.
Why do I show this picture as an introduction? Well..

In 2014, I went through a littttle bit of a rough patch. I began to lose my digestion for all foods, one by one, leaving me 80 pounds with no answers and no hope. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, so it was either A) Just die. B) Commit to going on a health journey. So, I chose the latter.

I always wanted to be a detective growing up, SO THIS WAS PERFECT!!

For full description of my story, click here.

I began healing physically, beyond the point of health that I had EVER had, with changing my diet, implementing supplements, doing simple yoga and exercise practices. But then I hit a wall. A giant wall that I couldn’t smack my face into, ignore, or try to blow it up, any longer.

In search of trying to figure out how to overcome this wall, or even name what this wall was, I stumbled upon a few books and presentations that talked about how emotional health can affect your physical health.

Taylor’s thought #1: PUH-LEASE. Don’t give me that new age mumbo jumbo.


Taylor’s thought #2: Ughhh, are you serious?! I don’t want to dig through that old garbage. I have wayyyy too much trash to take out and I’ve been living with it forever and I’m comfortable so I’ll just stay here.

Folks, if you were expecting this to be my point of change, you are incorrect.

I spent months refusing and guess what? My physical health began to decrease, dramatically! Despite my crazy perfect healthy diet, supplementation and exercise.

“Shizzz…. OKAY FINE!”

I experimented. I read 2 books – did ALL of the workbook exercises in them. Can you guess what happened?

  • Within two weeks, I had MAJOR physical health breakthroughs and gained 15 pounds

  • Finally found an integrated doctor who knew what was going on physically

  • My new dream job fell in my lap without me even knowing it

  • Rekindled family relationships that were hanging by a thread or completely nonexistent

  • Found God and Jesus Christ

  • Discovered my message, passion, and purpose

  • Desired to then teach and serve people with the knowledge and experience I had